Wainwright High School

WHS : Home of the Commandos

Wainwright High School is an Alberta Education based public school in Wainwright, Alberta. WHS is part of the Buffalo Trail Public School Division. We are home of the Commandos and offer a full array of classes and options. We offer academic classes throughout high school including Math 31 and Science 20 and 30. In addition to academic classes, we offer a wide variety of options which includes sport performance, art, music, leadership and math/read to succeed. Many of these classes are based upon student choice and teacher support.

We have a large arrary of extra-curricular activities as well. These range from activities like football and basketball to choir and improv. These activities are open to any WHS student but are dependent upon student attendance, attitude and academic commitment. This is judged on a individual basis.
To support the academic portion of our school we have implemented Assessment for Learning strategies and have additional supports for students. Assessment for Learning believes that the student plays an integral role in the learning process. Although situations will be specific to subject and division, assessment for learning may include the opportunity to redo (with alternate expectations) assignments and/or tests. There will be "game days" where students must perform on the assigned task. These situations take place after assessment has occurred through daily/weekly work in and out of the classroom. Other supports include learning lab, homework help, and tutoring. Learning lab is primarily a homework follow through intervention room to assist with completion and comprehension of assignments. This is typically progressed through from grade seven to nine.  The learning lab, however, is also used by our high school for assignments and tests. Homework help and tutoring is assistance with content that students may have difficulty with through any class at WHS.  Homework help is five mornings a week, Monday through Friday; with tutoring on Wednesday evening; and is open to anyone wanting additional supports. We have many other opportunities and programs we would love to share with you. We look forward to hearing from you with any suggestions you may have or enrolling with us at Wainwright High School.