Wainwright High School now has ebooks!!!

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If accessing on a computer, URL for FollettShelf site:

You will only be asked to login if you want to sign out or read a book. Use the same login you use to access the school computers.

You can also download the Follett Enlight Reader app through iTunes or Google Play to read from your personal device (device/android must be 3.0 or higher)

  • Once logged in to Enlight, double-tap on the 3 books on the top left corner. This will take you to the FollettShelf website. There you will be able to see all the books available. The books with the green ∞ (infinity) symbol means there is no limit to the number of checkouts. A red OUT means all the copies of a book are checked out. A gray IN USE means someone is reading it online but it is not checked out.
  • Once you have selected the book you want to read, tap the Green checkout/hold icon and it will be signed out to your account.
  • Return to the Enlight app, tap Menu then Synchronize. The book you just signed out should show up.
  • Select Download
  • Read and enjoy
  • After 3 weeks, the book will disappear from your shelf or if you are done before that time, select the Return Early button so that it is available for the next person

Also, the library has a Kobo Arc 7 that is available for students to check out to read ebooks. A release form must be signed before hand. Please contact the librarian, Trish Thomas for details. Email: or Telephone 780-842-4481