Hot Lunch


WHS Hot Lunch link to place orders:  - Remember you will need to re-register your account and add your children prior to placing any orders. Click here for the Parent Guide if you need help getting your account set up again. 


Dear Parents and Students, 
Welcome Back to School!  This year we are excited to offer some new menu items and some new vendors to the hot lunch menu! Busters Pizza has jumped on board, and we have new items from KFC, Edo Japan, Tim Horton's and Custom Catering.  We have a couple other vendors that we are also looking forward to signing up with. 
We have opened the new hot lunch menus for September and October, and the rest of the year will open shortly. You will need to register as a NEW student for fall because the hot lunch website deletes all students from one year to the next.  
I am sure you have all noticed an increase in prices at the grocery store, and our vendors are in the same situation. You will notice an increase in prices on most menu items, and I understand that this may impact your order. We apologize in advance for the increase, but we also cannot control the price our vendors charge us.
If you are new to our hot lunch program, I will let you know in advance that our meals are quite large. For example, our pizzas are 10 inches, and the pastas are a 10 oz serving, subs are foot long.  All  vendors have assured us that items are substantially cheaper than the in store prices. Again, my apologies, but the prices are out of our control. 
You can find the link at 
If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at