Hot Lunch

WHS Hot Lunch link to place orders:  - Remember you will need to re-register your account and add your children prior to placing any orders. Click here for the Parent Guide if you need help getting your account set up again. 


Dear Parents & Students:

We hope you had a fantastic summer and are ready to come back to school. Our hot lunch program will resume on September 19th, and for the 2023-2024 school year will be offering hot lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We offer a variety of meals, from salads, wraps, burgers, subs, pizza, burritos, pasta and lasagna. We have a couple new restaurants involved this year, and hope to add more, as new restaurants come to Wainwright. It is no secret that our grocery stores have raised their prices, so too, have some of our vendors. We have tried to keep costs as low as possible, while still offering a portion size that suits a teenager. 

To register for hot lunch, please go to and register as a new customer. The database is removed from year to year, and so we require everyone to sign up as a new customer. 

We will collect your orders until the 26th of each month, with the exception of September. We will accept September orders until September 13th. Once you have selected your lunch items, we would ask that you etransfer or send payment to the school. All cheques and cash can be given to Mrs. Thomas in the Learning Commons. Our etransfer email address is : and we would ask that you note your child’s name in the note, and use their school ID number as the password. Orders will not be processed until payment is received. 

One of the many reasons that we have moved back to a Tuesday/Thursday hot lunch is so that students have the opportunity to pick up their hot lunches on Friday. We will keep your child’s hot lunch for 24 hours in our cooler. So if you order a hot lunch on Thursday, I will keep it in the cooler until the end of the lunch period on Friday. This past year, we had several students forget their hot lunch, or were absent on Fridays, and I found it to be very wasteful. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Thomas at

Thank you for supporting this program. All profits for this program go to support student programming and extra-curricular activities.  

Sincerely, Mrs. Grunow and Mrs. Thomas.